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Plan your event. Manage invitations and registrations. Provide Booth Holders with analytics and attendees with seamless networking tools.

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Why use Grikly for your next event?

Create the event your customers will love.

Beyond Sales

Intelligent analytics to improve quality of your events. Target the right audience. Provide the right content.

It's Comprehensive

A complete solution for event planners, booth holders, attendees and speakers. Provides integration with key Social Networks, Event Management Services and CRM platforms.

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Getting started with Grikly is incredibly easy. You can start inviting and collaborating on event planning in minutes!

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Save your time with great tools

  • Event Planners, Grikly will allow you to store mailing lists, invite to single or multiple events, schedule invites and reminders and seamless conversion to registration and attendance.

  • Booth Holders, Grikly will analyze behaviours of attendees, their interests, which booths they visited and who they interacted with. Automatically know who visited your booth. Powerful query engine to capture this data to export into SAP or SalesForce.

  • Attendees, using the mobile app, Grikly will know who you interacted with. Allows you to automatically save these people as contacts or manually at a later time. Provides synchronization with local and cloud based contact lists.

1 on 1 Customer Support

We will work with you on a 1 on 1 basis to ensure we are providing you with the best solutions to that fits your needs.

The Team

A successful team, beats with one heart

Shawn Mclean

Technical Co-Founder

Passionate about building great teams that deliver software in a lean and agile manner by using innovative software engineering methodologies.

Dwayne Samuels

Strategic Co-Founder

Dwayne loves to help people and companies solve tough problems in unorthodox but intuitive ways.

Romaine Carter

Software Engineer

A Polyglot software engineer; who likes to build creative solutions to complex problems.

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